Thursday, August 30, 2012

My duties as an Atheist

My Job and Duties as An American Atheist.
1.Inform the public of the wrong doings of religion(s) and the religious
2.Educate those willing to learn.
3.Agitate the system until something is done.
4.Make it a safe work and school environment for children and adults alike.
5.Spread the word of peace.
6.Make tolerance commonplace for all genders,orientations,and races.  
7.Have religion removed from all schools all denominations and forms of it.
8.Make sure women's rights are upheld.
9.End war and instill peace.
10.Make sure Homosexuals have the right to marriage and are treated equally as everyone else.
11.End the war on abortion.
12.Volunteer and contribute to society.

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